IMG_20150331_161529Last night at the second meetup KC and Warren showed off the Herebot and explained how an H bridge is used to run motors forwards and backwards, by mapping a single range of input voltages to four relays.

IMG_20150331_172821Warren showed off a custom Android app made with Apache Cordova, called Meme Responder. His next effort will be a choose your own adventure, old-school DnD, party game mashup. Watch this space.

IMG_20150401_110924Jack showed off a button that when you push it, it does stuff on a webpage, with applications to firefighting. It uses a Spark Core. Check out the code.

Who’s Next?

Adam promised to show videos of flying through the Canyon at a future date, and bring in his quadcopter and custom backpack.

Could Richard be convinced to give a developer tools and debugging JavaScripts lightning talk? (Nudge, nudge 🙂